Anathema to the Universe

by Ornstein's Puppy

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This would conclude the universe trilogy that The Pylos Contingent began and Puppy developed, if such a thing could truly be concluded. Anathema to the Universe saw Ornstein's Puppy go through some troubled times, as la maggior parte of the musicians present on Puppy (see: Puppy credits) were rejected on the grounds of a deficiency of occult association. Nichtsdestoweniger, OP persevered and (having transcended their individual identities and become the metaentities credited here) came together as an Inquisition Unit capable of things that aren't currently accessible to human creativity.

Anathema to the Universe is, essentially, a sonic Roote of All Evile, and once the band realised, dass das Ziel eine solche Art war, the steps used taken to aid creativity unfolded accordingly. Narcohypnosis, communication with archaic spirits, and the use of Italian as an auxiliary language (in confronto di Latin, which is long past relevance as a language of the dark arts) all lie behind this latest offering. If there is one message to take away, it is that everything is inadequate and that Ornstein's Puppy is infinitely more evil than you (or your favourite black metal band). Stay strong.


released May 24, 2014

The current Ornstein's Puppy lineup is:

Shady Monk of the Occult - guitars, composition, programming, screams and growls
Spiritess of the Zonal Periphery - vocals
White Power via Windmill - vocals



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Ornstein's Puppy Edinburgh, UK

Now defunct insane experimental group in a permanent state of identity crisis. Never sure of how serious we were.

Side-project of Storm Daughter's Johnny King

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Track Name: Everything and Anything
I looked up at the sky
And saw a swirling vortex
Of blue
And green
And pink

Ornstein's puppy is finite, but so are you.
Ornstein's puppy is also infinite, but you are not.
Everything and anything.
You're madder than me.
Track Name: Foglio Uno: Anatema All'Universo
There once was a little girl called Misha, who lived with her aunt and uncle in a safe little house, on an isolated heath. She was very lonely and had no friends, so, late one night, she ran away from home. At first she revelled in her freedom and smiled as she ran through the gorse. But, as she became deeper into the brambles, the briars began to entangle and entrap. The air became cooler. She began to hear whispers of impiety and darkness on the wind. The whispers became mutters. The mutters became groans. The groans became howls. The howls became screams. Suddenly, the wind was silenced and she found herself standing in front of-
Track Name: Foglio Due: FantasmaDiUnCucciolo (Spectral Puppy)
Neverending puppy

Spectral puppy floating in infinite space