by Ornstein's Puppy

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If The Pylos Contingent was Ornstein's Puppy's first universe album, Puppy is the second. However, this next chapter of Ornstein is so much more than just another speck in the mosaic of the group's cosmological phase; with this release the music was imbued with the spark of life and evolved into a quasisentient entity of dreamlike proportions. Puppy is a force of love in the true sense - it is affection, but also pain, bitterness, regret and longing, and it is guaranteed to leave an imprint on the listener that will haunt them for an undetermined length of time.


released 19 January 2014
Puppy (written and recorded to completion from scratch within 36 hours)
George Bevan - Bass solo
Buddy Caderni - Keyboard solo
Johnny King - Everything else

Redemption of an Obscure Post-Modernist Collage (written and recorded to completion from scratch within 6 hours):

The Ornstein Choir (in order of appearance): Madeleine Taylor-Laidler, Riccardo Conci, Alice King, Josh Peters, Igor Aunapu, Christopher Brown, Sasha Denby
Johnny King - Everything else

Other contributions:

Omar Ibrahim and Saskia Jiggens - Press management
Thomas Pynchon - Most of it
Toby Benson - Nothing much



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